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GVM Project Meetings

BGS, Murchison House, Edinburgh, UK

BGS-NERC, Murchison House, Edinburgh


A GAR15 meeting was held on 7 November in Rome at the DPC Headquarters.


The following two meetings were held at the Citizens Social Support Plaza, Kagoshima, Japan


GVM Management Meeting, Tuesday July 23, 12:00 Room B3

GVM Steering Committee Meeting, Tuesday July 23, 19:00 Room B2


IAVCEI General Assembly

20-24 July 2013

Kagoshima, Japan



Annual Project Meeting

2014 (date to be fixed)


Meeting Archives




GVM Steering Group Meeting

Sunday 18 November 2012


GVM Management Meeting

Monday 19 November 2012


Read more about both the above meetings ...


Archive Meetings

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