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How to Get Involved with GVM

There is a strong international consensus that GVM is an essential and timely undertaking.
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Katla volcano, IcelandGVM is a new enterprise and is still finding its feet. Initially the partners of GVM consist of 11 research and educational institutions and 3 commercial supporters from the insurance sector. It is the intention of GVM to be inclusive and involve any organisation or individual who would like to contribute to the GVM mission. At this early stage GVM does not have a formal mechanism of new groups or individuals joining in and the establishment of such a mechanisms, procedures and expectations is currently being addressed. In the meantime we ask colleagues in the community to be patient but we would welcome expressions of interest, which should be sent to Dr Sue Loughlin ( We suggest that such letters indicate the nature of the interest and in outline what the institution (or individual) could contribute to GVM.


A general GVM interest group has been set up and so individuals who like to be kept updated on GVM can subscribe to the group by sending their email address to Clare Williams ( The group will be sent the quarterly GVM newsletter and occasional ad hoc information.


Finally, GVM welcomes views and ideas. Having browsed the web site to see what GVM is up to, then we would like to hear from you. Feel free to contact us through Clare Williams.






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